Jun 242008

I watched the ABC’s latest foray into public affairs last week, Q & A, or as it’s portrayed in it’s website link, QANDA.

I hadn’t managed to watch the show to date, despite the first show being dedicated to Kevin Rudd solely. These shows tend to be 50-50 as a translation into acceptable viewing, I find. 50% worth a look and 50% worth avoiding like the black plague.

The show I saw was this one, and truthfully, I found it quite entertaining and informative. Being the first viewing, I’m unsure of the usual panel make-up, but if this show is any guide, it seems there’s two or three pollies, a boofhead and a comedian. Looking back at previous lineups it seems the three pollies-plus-boofhead is usually evident, at least.

I’m writing about this program to alert bloggers to the upcoming edition of QANDA this Thursday, 26 June. The line up is one not to be missed because Timmy Blair will be making a rare appearance on the ABC, television no less. He’ll be accompanied by Labor’s Bill Shorten, Liberal Greg Hunt, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor and Angela Conway. Timmy Blair surrounded by two up-and-coming politically astute and aware politicians, the Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art and spokesperson for a somewhat closeted conservative thinktank. Who’s going to play the part of boofhead, I wonder? Given the precis by the ABC on Blair at QANDA’s site, It looks as though someone involved with the program has already decided that Timmy should.

Tim Blair is a columnist and blogger with The Daily Telegraph, Australia’s second best-selling newspaper. He describes his columns, which have previously appeared in The Bulletin, The Australian, The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, Time magazine and the Australian Financial Review, as dealing calmly and rationally with the subject of climate change, on which Blair is a world-recognised non-expert. Blair recently celebrated World Environment Day by driving from Sydney to Mackay, Queensland. Only 108 litres of fuel was consumed, a figure Blair himself describes as ‘pathetic’.


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Even makes me cringe. Don’t miss it. Should be a complete hoot!

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