Jul 212007

"Such is the hatred of John Howard and his government, that the Left would prefer to support alleged terrorists against their own democratically elected government."

This from an ABC opinion piece by that vaunted protector of basic humanity, Peter Faris….QC. Why does Faris continue to hide behind his qualification when spouting this hate-filled drivel targeted at ethnicities he doesn’t understand and is clearly afraid of? I suppose I’ve just answered my own question. As for his tired ’left -v- right’ dogma, apart from being the retreat of the argumentally challenged, it does nothing to support his claims against muslims/terrorist (the two appear interchangeable to Faris) serving only to exacerbate an ever-growing gallimaufry of mindless, directionless, anti-social feedback to those sectors of society which the rest of Australia ought to be supporting, rather than shunning.

This man is a fool. Clearly the commenters to his hate piece have no difficulty in identifying him as one and treating him accordingly. I say this to Peter Faris. Come out from behind your legal qualification if you’re so intent on abusing and insulting that which you don’t understand and fear. At least have the courage to face your fears as a man instead of a couple of letters.

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