Nov 282007

The seat of Bowman remains on a knife edge. At the time of writing the swing has changed again from 9.06% to 8.88% in favour of the Labor candidate on a TPP basis. A difference of 27 votes with 83.35% counted. I so very much want to see Laming ousted.
UPDATE: It’s 15:15 hours and the count is now up to 85.25% complete. Young holds 50.01% and Laming 49.99% TPP. C’mon Jason!!
UPDATE-29/11: 87.5% counted and still the battle ebbs and flows. Young – 50.04% and Laming 49.96% TPP. I wish the AEC would hurry this one along. I can’t take much more tension.
UPDATE-30/11: 89.45% counted. Young leads Laming by 116 votes. Apparently the time allowance for postals and absentees is 10 days!!!! Can I hang on that long?

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