Sep 192007

If ever there was a graphic representation of the bias and total corruption of House Standing Orders by House of Representatives Speaker, David Hawker, that evidence was on show today. Anthony Albanese brought a dissent motion against the Speaker, and to my mind, rightly so. Then we saw Tony Abbott – a meek, mild, compliant and deferential Tony Abbott reply, as if political butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.
Hansard, once transcribed and available, will bear out the total chaos which ensued during Question Time today. It’s clear that Labor came to the House fully prepared to attack the Speaker, given that focus was placed squarely upon things said by the Government yesterday and ignored by the Speaker at the time. The same instances from the Opposition today were canned severely, hence the motion of dissent. And, as I say, rightly so. David Hawker is the worst example of Speaker I’ve seen in operation since I started taking an interest in Parliamentary affairs some thirty-odd years ago. If there’s one over-arching benefit to be gained from the upcoming election, it’s the likely end to Hawker’s reign as Speaker of the House.

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