Dec 062006

“It is time to rehabilitate the word ‘compassion’ into our national vocabulary,”

Is this an indication of the new leadership style? A return to a less conservative style of socialism? The Bannerman’s initial impression from reading Farr’s article was ‘Uh oh……welfare state’. I’m sure that’s not the case, but impressions count and initial impressions more so. Of more specific interest is the use by Rudd of the Menzies analogy.

“Menzies would never have legislated this. Menzies would never have the gall to legislate this. Menzies would have recognised that there is such a great breach in the social contract involved in this legislation, he could never have done it.”

Now this, I find, is very telling. Rudd does not intend to take the Beazley line of attack. Simply arguing ideological differences from a vague standpoint because it’s the Oppositions job to ‘oppose’ government. Rudd’s line of attack looks distinctly as though he intends to draw the parallels and differences between Labor and Liberal – especially the hard-line, hard-right brand of conservatism characterised by the Howardian government – in stark black and white. This is good. This is Chifley-esqe.

The Bannerman sees the light up on that hill shining just a little brighter this morning.

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