Sep 112007

Ahhh yes, the itinerant boarder and the Spanish suppository. Both banes of any politician’s career. It seems that John Winston is currently suffering the malaise of too much of both.

PM this evening made riveting listening, with pundits asking this biographer and that biographer just what their respective subjects might be thinking, how they might react given this, that or the other. All very directionless stuff, and frankly, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s just chook feed. Will he (JWH) go quietly? Not after saying that in 30 years of public life, he’s never run away from a fight. In fact, I’d suggest that statement’s as good as a challenge to any pretenders in the Liberal Party to bring it on. Conversely, with said party members apparently claiming that blasting JWH out of the leadership would be akin to parricide, it’s fairly clear to me that no currently sitting front bench member has the bottle to even try.
Will Costello accept the position if Howard does do a flip? Is the Pope a German? Will Costello actively challenge? No, I think not. After the humiliation Howard has heaped upon his deputy over recent years, gutlessness of Costello aside, were I in Costello’s place I’d be keeping shtum and let the little prick be crushed under the weight of electoral defeat, then accept the leadership once he’s been hosed off the stage. Better to accept the position from a fresh, albeit losing position than be the one who led a defeat.
The next 24 hours should prove extremely interesting, but if one thing is plainly evident, it’s that JWH is really feeling the pressure of all this leadership rumbling. One need only have seen the interview with 7:30 Report’s Kerry O’Brien last evening to realise just how raw the Howardian nerves are right now. If you missed it, then do take a gander. A more revealing interview with John Winston you’ll not see this side of the election.

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