Mar 292008

‘Man of Steel’, good ally, man-of-his-word…..doesn’t it all sound so familiar?

Clearly, Bush promotes Australia alliance as he meets Rudd Rudd | Herald Sun“>Rudd’s meeting with Bush was just another in a seemingly endless round of meetings with foreign leaders which come as part & parcel of being POTUS. How’s the referring of MoS tag? Just goes to show how disingenuous George W really is when it comes to presenting a viable front. In truth, that’s all he has. A front. The man’s even less than a lame duck.
Smoked trout eggs (can’t really call it ‘caviar’ unless it’s sturgeon roe) and potatoe cakes sounds good. Dunno about ‘New York steak’ or coconut cream torte. Kevvy better be watching his waistline.

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