Sep 142009

I listened to this on Radio National this morning, and found myself asking the following:

  • What type(s) of cancer?;
  • Does measuring METS take into account individual metabolic activity?;
  • Is there a proven direct link between exercise and cancer?;
  • what about people like me, who simply can’t fit 4 METS of exercise in between commuting, and a solid 8 hour working day and eight hours of sleep?;

To all the smartarses out there, yeh that leaves me 6 whole hours. Four at the back end and two at the front end. Take breakfast, dinner & ablutions out of that and what am I left with? Four hours? Fucked if I’m going to spend my four hours a day, which I regard as sacrosanct relaxation time, attempting to avoid a bullet which may never be fired, but if it is, won’t miss.
The solution to such issues is to simply avoid listening to medically-oriented media programs, live one’s life in moderation, and derive as much pleasure in so doing, as is humanly possible. If the bullet is fired, all the dodging and weaving in the lead-up won’t matter a damn.

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