Dec 312008

NASA has released the final and full report into what the media calls the Columbia Disaster. NASA, in it’s inimitable style, refers to the report as the Post-Columbia Crew Survival Study . For enthusiasts and even those with a mild interest in space flight technology, the report makes interesting,if somewhat macabre reading. I won’t extract details here, but invite those of you interested enough in the why’s and wherefore’s of what happened almost six years ago, to click on the link provided and go read for yourself.

You’ll doubtless be amazed at some of the revelations, as was I. It is clear from this report that astronauts trained to go into space are at the pinnacle of human technological, psychological and physiological achievement. They are also ultimately in the hands of those on the ground, who as in the Challenger era, failed to truly appreciate the dangers of spaceflight in all of it’s phases.

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