Mar 102007

Further to the last post, which apparently excited the owners of the ineptly named ’Debate and Relate’ forum something chronic, I thought I’d treat readers to a slice of what passes for rationality among some of the inmates.

With thanks to the ALP under the Hawke/Keating Fabian government, Australia has experienced the beginning of selling out the soul of a nation. There are those who like to attack the Liberal Party for this which is nothing but the criminal pointing the finger at the criminal.

Selling of icon’s such as QANTAS, Commonwealth Bank, Federal Airports for starters was the beginning of destruction for the nation’s wealth. Other sorts of selling off was more of a selling out by closing down Australian farms so that foreign multi nationals could remove their competition, forcing Australian’s into purchasing poor quality imported products.

With the gradual eradication of tariffs, companies importing stock were rewarded by the Hawke/Keating government while those companies intent on selling Australian made stock such as that of; motor and textile industries were screwed to the wall with ever increasing business costs, taxes and red tape in the ALP’s deliberate attempt to destroy the proud Australian businesses.

What we saw as a result of the ALP jacking up the costs of business, making it harder and harder to employ and impossible to sack a bad employee, companies had no choice but to either sell off to foreigners or move their business offshore to China and other Asian nations. Most of our products now come from China and the quality is pathetic as clothes fall apart, their one size fits all clothing only made to fit those with the body of an Asian. Straight up and down just like a paddle pop stick.

Now with Howard running game, such privatisation or selling out has extended to the workforce where Australian’s are being retrenched, thrown onto the dole heap, only to be labelled welfare bludgers. With Howard’s "457 Visa’s", imported labour who work for lower rates and no protection whatsoever as the government is ready to deport them when the employer is finished with them.

Australia becomes Asianised and filled with Arabs, government policy favouring these peoples, negecting the white Australian, I foresee only blood shed in the near future which I find very sad. This is something that should have never happened but due to white Australian’s being pathetically lazy and apathetic, following order’s they know is wrong, living such a gutless life, we are doomed for failure. Only violence will fix this should we not wake up and act now.

Returning Australia to her former glory will require the ridding of the following; ALP, Liberal Party, Nationals, Greens, Democrats, ethnic lobby groups, ethnic clubs, etc.

Bringing in political parties such as Australia First will be the only way forward as everybody else has sold their soul to the greatest evil of all.

Replete with poor spelling, foul grammar and punctuation worthy of a drunken Roman Senator on a bacchanalian bender. With the standard version you get the added benefit of racial discrimination and religious bigotry! What a bargain, Shoppers!
Bannerman finds himself asking one question though….. "as everybody else has sold their soul to the greatest evil of all." Is this meant to be a mystery thriller where the reader is held in suspense, awaiting the sound of the other shoe?
Then we have the following from a 43 year old Melbourne woman that most men……note, most, which doesn’t of necessity finger the Bannerman…..would describe in the modern-day vernacular of Feminazi.
What is a Sandmonkey?

This term caused a couple of young, Australian university students some angst, but is anyone surprised that modern Australian university students are so sensitive. Hmmmm, you see PC is now a compulsory university subject, it seems they passed with a High Distinction.

So where did I get it from. Well straight from the source in Sandmonkey Country of course.

But did a search on the term and came up with this

A. A racist term to describe middle eastern people (arabs, lebs etc).

B. Small digging monkey like creature living on the Isle of Wight (United Kingdom). Creates all manner of tastless orniments and occasional sand realted havoc

C. A terrorist

D. A slang for all people of middle eastern descent

E. A person who lives in a desert climate.

Qualifier the link is to a slang dictionary site with the same basis as Wikipedia :)

Cut (B) out, can’t find any such animal when googling, but if anyone knows of the little critter, please let me know.

Now it’s clear that I didn’t mean (E) that one’s too general. Couldn’t have meant (A) and (D) because I was comparing to Israeli’s who are also of middle eastern descent. So that leaves us with (C). Hmmmmm

I’ve been accused of racism and being a bigot for using this term. However, how could that be when I used it when comparing Israel/Israeli’s achievements to ’sandmonkeys’ achievements. I’m not Israeli, Jewish nor have I ever been to Israel. So, strictly speaking, I was comparing one race/culture not my own to what exactly, another race/culture not my own, or was I comparing Israelis to something within a race/culture unspecified that is responsible for the downtrodden status of their people. People who are like us here in Australia, with young adults as equally capable as the two young men referred to above, but unlike these two young men, do not have the opportunity to achieve as we do.

The point of this comment – simple. Political correctness was a much needed concept 50 years ago. In 2006 it has passed its use-by date and the self-appointed ’progressive thinkers’ pull out this flaccid argument not to enhance discussion, but to stop discussion. They pontificate with all the moral righteousness of the educated elite who have a higher status in knowledge of all things that ordinary souls cannot understand, but actually never say anything.

So, I will continue to use the term sandmonkey where I see fit, if that bothers you then goodbye.

Of course, don’t try to take on this ’lady’ on her terms. She’ll go all ’PC’ on you. Mind you, judging from the photo she’d be quite capable of holding the average Joe out to pee, as it were. Gotta love a woman with sensitive hands.
Quite seriously, reader, this is today’s Australia. Admittedly, an infinitesimally small cross section taken from the membership list of a pseudo-intellectual – and that’s a stretch – discussion forum at random. These opinions exist. They are REAL. It’s just a tad frightening, except when you realise that these opinions are in the extreme minority. They exist only in the sheltered anonymity of the internet and are rarely, thank all the powers that be, seen or heard in public. The worrisome aspect of these two mindsets is the reflected light of our own federal government which highlights them. Certainly, Little Johnny Howler, the walking cadaver, Ruddock and ’Dolly’ Downer to name but three, wouldn’t be seen dead associated with such opinions. Never the less, when examined theirs is the same ethos spoon fed to the impressionable, the easily frightened and xenophobic sectors of Australian society. They do exist, reader. Bannerman is enjoying very much the delivery of the odd Liverpool Kiss to those who blithely ask, so he knows, don’t you worry about that. Hmmmm………..wasn’t that a phrase in use many moons back? Not to mind.
So there you have it, reader. What your Bannerman has been up to these past few days when you’ve been expecting the usual posts. He’s been slumming. One does need to rub shoulders with the lesser lives, from time to time.

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