Jul 232007

“Let the court decide on these things, let’s not have the media trying to hear the whole case before the court does – that’s the job of the court,” – ‘Dolly’ Downer on the Haneef case. – ABC news Online
I’m actually aghast at this hypocracy by the Foreign Minister. He’s quite often come out with the most outrageous of statements in the political sphere, especially when the government’s scrambling for cover as it is with this Haneef affair.

The courts should decide….I’ve been under the impression that the courts, or at least a magistrate has made at least one decision in the matter, yet the government saw fit to wade in on a political level to over-rule the magistrates decision. Effectively. Yes, I’ve already stated in this tome that Andrews acted in strict accordance with the law, however common-sense and political awareness says otherwise.
It has become patently clear that police investigations surrounding Haneef have been and continue to be woefully inadequate in the light of existing anti-terrorism legislation. If the media is to blame for anything, certain parts of it with a bent for hysteria and governmental apologies ought to be pilloried for making outrageous assumptions based on photos of buildings in Surfers Paradise. That more rational media segments have raised issues of proper judicial concern and civil liberties is completely justifiable in my estimation. We live in a democracy. It is the people’s right to know what happens around them, how their lawmakers conduct themselves and administer the laws.
‘Dolly’ Downer’s ‘Ye Gods’ outrage is faux, senseless and extremely hypocritical. Trying to duckshove the political aspects of an issue which the government has exacerbated itself only serves to highlight it’s own complicity.

  One Response to “Shoving the Duck”

  1. There is nothing rational to be said on this matter because, whatever assumption of stupidity & malevolent incompetence is made, 10 minutes later the Feds come out and admit idiocy beyond any Konspiracy nut’s wildest phantasies.
    Therefore I’m really gonna really dig deep and opine that it’s the Rodent’s Sampson Option – knowing he’s for the chop, he wants to bring down as many others as possible with him by the most egregious actions which even the headbangers like IronBar Tuckey & Heffernan would abjure.
    Too wild? Oh, oh he’s just about to come on TV, what will he say next…?

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