Mar 032012

In December 2009, I wrote this post.

Today, in my Inbox, appears this:








Read the linked posts in the above URL and you’ll start to understand why I am pissed to the MAX at having such shit appear yet again, after politely requesting uncountable times that any connection with my email address(es) be severed. Robert McJannett is a CRIMINAL. He has a CRIMINAL record. Further, he is a STALKER, harassing my former wife by continually telephoning her fixed line number in the dead of night, and leaving abusive messages when ignored. The man is a menace, primarily to himself, but clearly several egg-and-lettuce sangers short of a full picnic. If you’re on one of his bullshit loonie lists, I’d think seriously about instigating legal action in advance of the inevitable reciprocal threats which will eventuate from your own polite requests for an end to his spamming of your email.

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