Mar 102007

Osama bin Laden, if he’s alive, celebrated his 50th birthday on Saturday

Yahoo!7 News

Well ….. as Bannerman would say…..’Bugger me!’ So, the man who dragged the world kicking and screaming into the realisation that poverty, discontent and religious fanaticism is a volatile mix, just happens to be the very same age as Bannerman. Well, not exactly the same. The ageing Bannerman doesn’t surrender his fifth decade until much later this year and that surrender will be something momentous, to be sure. There will be a commiseration the following day of a type Osama has more than likely never experienced. Kind of makes one wonder, doesn’t it, reader? Is being an Islamic fundamentalist who sleeps rough in the back blocks of Pakistan, never touches alcohol (supposedly), better off than a beer-loving atheist who constantly over-indulges while spending his free time circle-jerking a mob of wankers on the internet and wondering why life is such a crock 98.7% of the time?

Maybe David Hicks had something way back in 2000.

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