Jul 162014

Lets start a program of revelation of the individual we all know as David William Nicholson Thiessen.Even random readers of this tome will recognise that name. The individual who has both perverted the essence of the 140 character look-at-moi medium we call Twitter, and identified himself as a narcissistic conservative acolyte.

How one votes, or what one’s personal philosophy might be is entirely one’s own business, and no-one…..I’ll re-iterate, NO-ONE, will ever be influenced to re-think their own personal stance on matters political or ideological by a piece of clever programming which picks up ancient News Limited articles and repeats them to the 140 character mirror we call Twitter. Further, Twitter itself as a controlled medium, does not condone such behaviour. Indeed, it regards such behaviour, as does the internet in general, as SPAM.

The rules of the Twitter platform clearly state:

  • Serial Accounts: You may not create multiple accounts for disruptive or abusive purposes, or with overlapping use cases. Mass account creation may result in suspension of all related accounts. Please note that any violation of the Twitter Rules is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.

David Thiessen, along with some as yet unidentified paid-to-tweet conservative apologists, breach this rule with monotonous regularity. What does Twitter do about this blatant breach of its rules? Nothing. It can do nothing unless the accounts are identified, the SPAM posts correlated to an individual or individuals, recorded and duly reported as Twitter itself requires. Evidence, that is what is required in order that this behaviour, which Twitter does NOT condone, might be stamped out.

I personally believe that it behooves every Twitter user, whether you be politically active on #auspol or similar hashtags, or whether, like me these days, you only use Twitter as a medium for banal amusement when spare time needs frittering, to take note of these easily identifiable bot/troll accounts. Make a post, telling others what you strongly suspect, identifying the user account name. If you’re really keen, do a little research into the account itself. How many posts has it made? Over what period of time? Who follows it and who does it follow back? What is the content of its posts? Bots that re-iterate old News Ltd articles are almost certainly those created by Thiessen. His modus operandi is very easy to spot once one takes a little interest in how he does what he does.

If you’re an ardent Twitter user, or like me, just someone who opens the medium on days when I’m watching the V8 Supercars on the computer, I recommend you start taking note. It’s the only way to clean up what could be, and what should be, a medium for the more intellectual exchange of information. Not the simple-minded sprouking of one dimensional ideologues.

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