Jan 122007

“Our country and our parliament will be much the poorer for Jim Killen’s passing.”

ABC News.

Amen to that, Kevin Rudd. A Menzies and Whitlam era politician, Killen did indeed hold the respect of those on both sides of the political divide, both for his debate prowess and his staunch belief in self and his small ‘l’ political ethos. Bannerman clearly remembers his own progenitor reviling Jim Killen as ‘that useless Liberal bastard’, but in latter life admitting that Killen was one of a very limited political elite. The Statesman.

Bannerman fondly remembers listening to Killen on any opportunity which arose. On any subject, the man was – if not an expert – a well spoken and authoritative speaker. From the Bannerman’s perspective, Killen’s only living equivalent would be Barry Jones. How ironic the comparison should bridge the ideological divide.

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