Aug 192011

Craig Thomson, member for the federal seat of Dobell, a very naughty boy. images.jpg

At least that’s what the conservative party and genuine news-deficient media outlets want us all to believe. Thomson made phone calls to several escort agencies from a hotel room in 2006, and paid for those phone calls – not the escort services as I’ve read the stories – on a corporate credit card. A corporate credit card provided by his then employer the Health Services Union. Oooh maaahh!!
So, because the conservative parties seem to think this is something morally reprehensible – just what I can’t imagine, whether it be the paying for calls to escort services, or the implication that he actually used said escort services – government sought legal advices from a barrister costing some $7,900 for what probably amounted to a two page brief from said barrister. One page with a couple of sentences on, and another page for the tax invoice. So, again….oooh maaahh!
Then there’s the $90,000 which the NSW Labor party apparently coughed up as payment of Thomsons legal costs in supporting a defamation case brought by Thomson against the Sydney Morning Herald, which Thomson had withdrawn. Well, if you’re in the right, or you choose not to fight the cause and either way your employer, which the ALP is effectively in Thomson’s case, decides to foot the bill, so what? Yes, the guy is a politician and should have had the sum added to his pecuniary interest register, but he wouldn’t be the first politician to have forgotten to do so and won’t be the last. The whole issue is a witch-hunt.
I have just two words to describe this entire issue. ‘Big’ and ‘Whoop’. This is as opportunistic as you can get in the political arena. The conservatives clearly have a dirt unit running, looking for dark-skinned misanthropes in stores of cut lumber, and they’ve found this specious set of five year old circumstances with which to create mischief. If Craig Thomson’s dalliances from the previous decade is the best they’ve come up with, then Labor has nothing to be concerned about. As for @adamrobertolsen and his concerns….
Union members paying their dues year in year out should care pal! Absolutely appalling abuse of other people’s money!
I can only offer him the same two words.

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