Mar 092010

Freebie advice today for Tony “judge me on what I say now & not what I’ve said before” Abbott from Peter Costello’s former political advisor, Niki Savva. She’s right too. Abbott is not a good speaker, despite how convicted his tone of voice. He gives the impression of someone who’s always caught on the hop, not done his research, announcing new initiatives because they just came to him in a flash of inspiration. Not a good look for a pollie. Not good at all.
This is a flaw in a great many of our current crop of politicians. The inability to at least appear lucid and confident about what they have to say, and then say it effectively. There wouldn’t be one Jim Killen or Fred Daly in either federal Parliament, and certainly no Whitlams or Menzies. The closest I’ve seen to a really cogent speaker would be Lindsay Tanner. I’ve not yet seen him on his feet without something pointed and authoritative to say, and deliver it without stumbling, uhm-ing and ahh-ing. Not a statesman by any means, but at least not painful to listen to.
The bulk of our elected representatives are what they appear to be. Former solicitors, bankers, union officials, doctors and indian chiefs. Mostly, the latter.

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