Nov 012006

Here’s a prime example of Labor not effectively using it’s brains before engaging its collective mouth. Pg 77; Pg 79 and then Pg 83

During today’s debate in the House on the climate change Stern Report, the Honourable Member for Grayndler – Labor’s Anthony Albanese  – attempted a daring strike on the coalition with a little rapier wit, doubtless of his own concoction. He claimed to have ‘Googled’ the terminology NEW KYOTO, citing as his source for the statement as none other than John Winston Howard. Apparently sometime yesterday, Howard stated that Australia would only sign up to the Kyoto Protocols once every other nation has done so, claiming such a ratification would be the beginning of a ‘New Kyoto’.

Albanese made merry of his claim that the Google search revealed only one result. The second on the list in the accompanying screen dumps, as fate has it. He was right in what he’d read out to the House, in that there was only one review on ‘New Kyoto’, which stated “Stuffy Rooms – would choose another”. In fact, if you go into the review, you’ll notice that Albanese did in fact read from the review in the House. Sadly though, whilst his joke may have been funny in the immediate short term, the very next speaker, and another shortly after that, soon put paid to his claim that ‘New Kyoto’ only reveals one link in Google. Tomorrow’s proof of Hansard will tell all. I’ll update this post then, but suffice to say that the Member for Grayndler was made to look so stupid by his inept attempt at ridicule of the Howardian Cabal, that his goat gotten, he managed to have himself named and subsequently ejected from the House for 24 hours for continuous interjection and ignorance of the Speaker.

To me, this single short episode of mid-afternoon Parliamentary buffoonery proves conclusively that the current crop of Labor politicians shouldn’t be allowed to speak in the House on matters of public importance without either a chaperone or at least having their material proof read and double-checked for pantech-sized gaffs first.


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