May 242007

ABC News Online
“We firmly believe that the US is a force of good in the world.” – ‘Dolly’ Downer

This statement, while concise and unqualified, does state a valid fact. The economic, technological and industrial capacity of the United States does qualify that nation as a “force for good”. However, it’s militaristic, political and ideological capacities do not. Under the current administration, the latter qualities have been abused, flaunted for political gain and generally used as a catalyst in the squandering of global community trust. Interventionist foreign policies exercised simply because the ability exists without fear of rebuff are not in the interests of any member of the global community, including the United States. The current level of disdain travelling Americans feel as they move across the globe bears this out.
Hopefully, come 2008, a change of politics in the U.S. will start that nation on the road to refurbishment of the standing in the global community that it does deserve, but which currently – despite the pontifications of politicians with vested interests – she does not enjoy.

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