Jan 232008

There’s little else to say about the death of actor, Heath Ledger. Platitudes are flying around about his being a wonderful actor and terrific human being, but in the final washup, for me it’s the abrupt end to a young life with so much potential for the person living it which I find so shocking.
Twenty-eight years of age is so very young to be suffering sleeplessness, stress or anxiety from any cause. Perhaps he was working too hard, or submerged himself too deeply in the recently-played ‘Joker’ character for the latest Batman film? Perhaps he was suffering from the breakup of his familial relationship? We may never find out, however it’s yet another example of how stress can impact on our lives. The important point to remember is that while it’s all well & good for people to offer the usual platitudes about not stressing over what you can’t control, the human mind is far more complicated than simple platitudes can accommodate. Only we can know ourselves. It’s important that we do. Too many of us don’t, don’t know how to find out, or fear what they might find out about.
As the classic say, ‘There’s nothing to fear, except fear itself’

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