May 162014

I will rarely promote the works of another blogger, basically because there are very few pieces of writing in the ‘sphere I regard as worth promoting. This piece, however, runs counter to my usually jaundiced opinion of the amateur journalist cadre. Glenn Murray may consider his tome to be just his ramblings, but I find this particular ramble well worth supporting. Kudos, Mr Murray!

Feb 012014

For the longest time, from the day Campbell Newman made it known he intended to not just run for State Government, but assume the leadership of the Qld LNP, I have stated that Bjelke-Petersen would once more stalk this state. An online friend of mine, Peter Strempel – a man of far greater intellect than my own and an ability to exercise that intellect in literary form, has penned an essay which covers every thought & opinion I hold, but in a much more lucid manner. I commend to you, dear reader, that essay. CLICK HERE, and read through to the […]

Oct 122012

I came across this just now, and had to laugh to myself. It details graphically the level of political discourse in this country. There is none. Fair call for Cathy Stoner to have her say. As her husband stated, she is a free individual and entitled to her opinion. However the deletion of her Twitter account obviously says otherwise. It’s also indicative of the type of engagement a great many social media users have with politicians now. Especially those pollies, like Oakeshott, who use the medium. I applaud them all, whatever their political allegiances. Social media is a means of […]

Apr 132012

I was trawling through my Google account settings – a frightening undertaking, let me tell you – and came across the blog post which appears below the fold. I wrote it in the lead up to the August 2010 federal election, stored it in Google Docs but never posted it. I read it through before deleting and found it’s still very relevant today. So, waste not, want not.

Apr 112012

April 11. On this day, one hundred years ago, the brand new liner RMS Titanic arrived at Cork harbour, Ireland. 11:30am GMT in fact, so around about 12 hours from the time I’m currently writing this. Two hours after she dropped anchor, she weighed again and commenced her journey across the Atlantic for the very first, and as history records, last time. 2012, this centenary anniversary of the greatest maritime disaster ever recorded, seems to bring out all the analogists. Those who, for reasons of their own which very few others can ken, wish to draw parallels between 1912 Irish […]

Jan 202007

Tim Blair, one of Australia’s much-read bloggers (and self-described journalist), is equally incapable of explaining any issue without a requisite put-down, smart-arse comment or personal smear.