Feb 032007

In a strangely disturbing way, Bannerman finds himself in agreement with ‘The Man’. Bannerman wonders if this rather worrisome collusion of opinions will eventually carry across to musical styles? Unlikely, but it is of concern, none the less.

Jan 232007
Change the Flag!

With yesterday’s post in mind, Bannerman came across what turns out to be an older article on Space_dot_Com this morning, which reveals that the second brightest star in the southern cross is, in fact, a binary system. Beta Crucis, or Mimosa to give it’s common name, is classified as a blue-white giant, differing from our own Sun in that Beta Crucis is much, much larger and nearing the end of it’s main sequence phase. It’s partner, a smaller red giant star, orbits 8 AU,or eight times the distance which Earth orbits our Sun, from Beta Crucis. This revelation raises a […]