Oct 172013

So, the Australian Labor Party leader election process – the so-called democratised election process – has been & gone. Like all forms of democracy this one seems to be just like all the others in that it’s mythical, visits irregularly in this case, but always delivers a less than desirable outcome. I thought, based on the level of hype, advertising, propaganda, marketing material from the Shorten camp, that he’d get up. His cause was being pushed extremely hard and must have cost an absolute motza to support. Clearly, the right wing of the party – Shorten’s union collaborators – were pumping […]

Jan 232013

Where has the Australian Labor Party of my youth vanished to? Where is the Party and the people of the 1970’s and `80’s which adhered to time-honoured and honourable Labor dictums like fairness, equality, justice and above all else, that innate sense of egalitarianism? How can a Labor Prime Minister nominate and effectively pre-select as a Senate candidate, a person who isn’t even a member of her Party? And why should this even arise as a circumstance? Since when does the ALP reside in one person? Where is the Labor Caucus? I don’t care if said nominee is black, white or brindle; […]

Nov 242012

Today’s editorial appearing in The Melbourne Age. It speaks not volumes, but libraries of volumes. There is a better way forward. Australia has no need of dog-whistling, bible-thumping, narrow-minded political opportunists or poll-driven, electorally fearful and inconsistent leadership as representatives in our Parliament. We need people of character, moral standing and a willingness to stand by their genuine Australian ethos. Australia doesn’t need A change…..Australia simply needs TO change.

Dec 012006

As with Latham, Howard will have to re-learn Kevin Rudd as a leader and not just as a member of Labor’s front bench. Labor cannot do any worse right now, unless they buckle in fear and stick with Beazley. I don’t believe that will happen and judging by what the pundits are saying tonight, the numbers are falling on Kevin Rudd’s side.