Nov 242012

Today’s editorial appearing in The Melbourne Age. It speaks not volumes, but libraries of volumes. There is a better way forward. Australia has no need of dog-whistling, bible-thumping, narrow-minded political opportunists or poll-driven, electorally fearful and inconsistent leadership as representatives in our Parliament. We need people of character, moral standing and a willingness to stand by their genuine Australian ethos. Australia doesn’t need A change…..Australia simply needs TO change.

Dec 012006

As with Latham, Howard will have to re-learn Kevin Rudd as a leader and not just as a member of Labor’s front bench. Labor cannot do any worse right now, unless they buckle in fear and stick with Beazley. I don’t believe that will happen and judging by what the pundits are saying tonight, the numbers are falling on Kevin Rudd’s side.