Mar 162014
And The Winner Is?

March In March events were held this weekend, right across the country. Capital cities, regional centres like Katoomba, Townsville and Byron Bay. Based on photos and coverage being provided by those within my Google Plus stream, I’d have to estimate well over 100,000 people, probably closer to double that if all the events were taken into account. As I say, this event rallied people from right across the country. The main element to be taken note of is that these protests were peaceful protests conducted by rational but grossly dissatisfied voters. There was none of the Ditch-the-Witch idiocy, none of the rank […]

Feb 012014

For the longest time, from the day Campbell Newman made it known he intended to not just run for State Government, but assume the leadership of the Qld LNP, I have stated that Bjelke-Petersen would once more stalk this state. An online friend of mine, Peter Strempel – a man of far greater intellect than my own and an ability to exercise that intellect in literary form, has penned an essay which covers every thought & opinion I hold, but in a much more lucid manner. I commend to you, dear reader, that essay. CLICK HERE, and read through to the […]

Dec 052013

Here’s a tip for those of you taking an interest in Australian politics, in this desertified media landscape. The Global Mail and The New Daily are two of the newest and most refreshingly non-conservative oriented online media outlets available today. I particularly enjoy the writing style of Mike Seccombe at TGM while the no nonsense, unopinionated, factual reportage being provided by TND is refreshing, and in my view, what a ‘newspaper’ really ought to be all about. News, not some bigoted or biased so-called journalists personal opinion, conflated to appear as fact. Hello, News Limited? Yes, I’m looking at you, […]

Nov 092013

I haven’t written much in this tome since the September federal election, primarily because I couldn’t see myself embracing this radical conservative government as anything of an issue before the Parliament actually resumed. That, and the fact that I was/am too depressed for my country at what it and our society will be subject to over the next 3 years. That must change.