Oct 172013

So, the Australian Labor Party leader election process – the so-called democratised election process – has been & gone. Like all forms of democracy this one seems to be just like all the others in that it’s mythical, visits irregularly in this case, but always delivers a less than desirable outcome. I thought, based on the level of hype, advertising, propaganda, marketing material from the Shorten camp, that he’d get up. His cause was being pushed extremely hard and must have cost an absolute motza to support. Clearly, the right wing of the party – Shorten’s union collaborators – were pumping […]

Apr 122013

Recently John Winston Howard spoke to the Lowy Institute, defending his government’s decision to take Australia to war in Iraq in 2003. This against massive national and international protests against the US-led invasion of the time, which has since proven to have been based on – at the minimum – poor intelligence. At worst, a lie perpetrated for the purposes of regime change in direct contravention of UN Charter Chapter VII. In other words, an international crime. Today we see yet another retired public servant of that era coming out with her own definitive claims that Howard lied to the […]