Jan 112020
Why Should I Care?

I remember when I was 16, having to get up in June at 5:00am for work start at 7:30, to have breakfast, shower, shave, etcetera, then catch a bus – I was 16 remember – It was ferking cold. I distinctly remember standing at the bus stop, shivering. I remember the winds in July-August howling through the concrete canyons of the city, bitterly cold. That was 1973, so 47 years ago. I wonder these days where those winters have gone.   I have vivid memories of living in Cairns, 1976 to 1979. Wonderful place, much smaller than it is today. […]

Feb 082007

Bannerman just finished watching the much awaited ’debate’ between Mister Millionaire, Malcolm Turnbull and Mister Greenie, Peter Garrett on 7:30 Report. The transcript won’t be available until tomorrow morning, however one thing about the interaction stood out clearly to the Bannerman. As eloquent as Turnbull appears to be, and as well armed with notes as he clearly was, Garrett never once stooped to character assassination of his opponent as Turnbull did on at least two occasions. Bannerman also noted that while Turnbull constantly referred to notes of what Garrett allegedly said at nameless interviews with the media, Garrett issued forth […]