Aug 202007

Has democracy sunk to a new low?

“The water cannon truck will only be used in extreme cases of major public disorder…”

says Morris Iemma. Define ‘extreme public disorder’ old son. Seriously, does Iemma expect there to be rampaging crowds of anti-capitalistic greenies thundering along Macquarie Street, chanting ‘No! No! We won’t go!’, all out for George Bush’s blood?
This is Australia, at least it was last time I looked. Our democracy entitles us to protest those issues we don’t agree with in a rational, non-violent manner. Surely our police forces are capable of handling the odd rabble-rousing collection of attention seekers? If high-pressure water cannon are going to be on display, just in case, surely that’s cause for the idiot elements to raise heads? I think it’s called incitement to riot, which is a crime.
Absolute lunacy, and a complete waste of $600,000. The real irony though….a water cannon in the middle of a drought! As if we can afford to waste 12,000 litres at a time. Nice one, Morris!

  One Response to “Take a Bath”

  1. What most rocked my socks was Dilemma’s rpeated use of the word “weapon” referring to his new toy.
    Just two words for the Daze of APEC – agent provocateur

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