Sep 282007

For more than 3,000 years the swastika represented life, the universe and all good things.

That was until 1920, when Adolph Hitler decided his Nazi movement needed a symbol. Now it seems that even the mere suggestion of the once innocuous symbol for strength and goodwill is enough to drive usually rational people into paroxysm’s of illogic and conspiracy theories.
Not to be left out, I just had to open Google Earth and have a gander. Well…..knock me down and paint me purple if I haven’t uncovered a couple more strangely significant aerial portrayals.
**GASP!** Head 3.6 klicks north-west and you’ll find this…
Devastating, isn’t it?!!! ‘SS’ and a Nazi hate symbol, not to mention symbolic aircraft and crop circles. Are the aircraft attacking or defending. Have aliens landed in San Diego?
I keep saying it, but Only in America would a tax-payer funded instrumentality spend AUD687,000 on dressing up a building to hide something which isn’t really there, and which can only be imagined from the air, in order to placate a bunch of lunatic fruitcakes.

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