Sep 232008

It’s quiet at the moment where I’m parked, so I decided to flit through the news.

I’ve come across Julie Bishop’s ‘blog’ in The Age. It’s nothing more than an ideologically biased rant sheet against anything & everything Labor and Kevin Rudd. Not that I’m surprised, mind you, after all, she is a conservative and what better place to do your ranting than in a media sponsored virtual space, if that’s what they ask you to do. I’m sure it helps to fill a space.
Judging from the comments however, it would seem that readers aren’t all that enamored with Ms Bishop’s commentary.

I am a very happy liberal voter, but spending the last few days reading your whinging diatribe is rather trying.
You would do better to remain electronically invisible Ms Bishop, otherwise you present a very large target – a la Mancha!. Debate your issues in Parliament – if you can.

Fifty-seven comments as at this arvo and not very many in the least complimentary, but that’s what you get from the blog-reading public, in the main. They’re either with ye, or ag’in ye.
I will give her kudos for at least avoiding the vitriol of other conservative commentators, a-la Piers Akerman. No out-and-out lies in Julie’s rants, just politically oriented sour grapes. Will the shadow treasurer get a grip on this blogging thing and produce anything actually worth reading, I wonder. As she says, only time will tell.

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