Mar 282008

This is starting to become a habit, and one I’ll have to break, but for now, it’s fun. Besides, there’s a purpose.
Blogging’s worst tongue-in-cheeker has been held out for examination yet again for more of his Flying Monkey training practices. Amusingly, it’s only taken him four days to surface on Club Troppo and only because Mr Parish as seen fit to call him out. Then starts a game of textual badminton with Timmy as the bird and strangely, not a flying monkey in sight. Do go have a gander at the comments. It’s hilarious!
Clearly Timmy doesn’t have any new material either. It’s all recycled stuff, which with Earth Hour coming up, it’s good to see some on the ‘right’ doing their bit for the planet. Even if it is only bloggy stoush stuff.
Oh, while I think on it……I dunno whose house ur outside of, Timmy, but whatever Camry ur scratchin… ain’t mine.

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