Nov 252011

some more thoughts

We carry a partner throughout our lives

That opposite side we hide from others, and ourselves.

Always there, the shadow to our light,

Our doppleganger self kept safely from sight,


Some call it ‘dog’, black or otherwise.

If you like call it daemon, belittled by guise

It dwells within all of us despite our resistance

We openly defy it, but fear it’s existence


We try to ignore it in the lives we have.

Wishing its manners more predictable, more sage.

A timed appointment on the diary page,

Not the unwelcomed visitor we least expect.

But then, Darkness can’t be commanded or checked.


We are ‘Us’ getting through, as best as we’re able,

The Dark cannot win as long as life’s stable.

As long as we know how it’s game is played,

Both Dark and ‘Us’, neither the victor

But it’s there, the whole of which we’re made

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