Apr 222008

Y’know, I’m actually beginning to enjoy reading Gerard Henderson’s columns.

Especially so, now that his ideological obsession, John Howard, is gone if not completely forgotten. At least not yet. This piece of Henderson’s today is a real riot. Gerard doesn’t really understand the idea of unbiased analysis, but I suppose expecting the director of a partisan think-tank to be unbiased is somewhat of a Non Sequitur . He takes deliberate aim at those he openly despises – Julian Burnside and Justice Michael Kirby, as examples here, yet has nothing derogatory to say about those he believes think the same as he does.
Personally, I think Burnside, as noted in Gerard’s tirade, is on the right track. Why shouldn’t we expect our elected and untenured representatives to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in all situations impacting on the public interest. In the words of that famous cigarette commercial, isn’t that all the time? Advocacy is not the same as lying and barristers aren’t elected by popular vote to represent we, the people. Justice Kirby is precisely correct in his assertion that we are not always well served by our parliaments and politicians. We all know it. Some of us, like Gerard, simply don’t want to acknowledge the fact.
But what’s a few strawmen when you’re desperately trying to come to terms with the discarding by the electorate an ideology promoted by a conga line of lying suckholes. Yet again, Gerard exposes his angst over his favourite conservative being drummed out of public life in the most definitive manner possible.
I can laugh openly these days, because the nightmare of Howardianism is over. Poor Gerard. His nightmare of open, responsive, socially democratic government is only five months old.

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  1. I’m amazed at the imperviousness of the diehards (Rusty, Gerontious, Adiposeman) to the new reality – it’s as if they’re hanging on in the hope that this distasteful interregnum is all a bad dream.

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