Apr 072008

If you’re a Battlestar Galactica Fan – and frankly, if you call yourself a Sci-Fi fan but you don’t follow BSG, then baby, you ain’t no Sci-Fi fan – like me you’ll be overjoyed to know that Episode One of Season Four aired on SciFi_dot_com Friday last.

Finally, after almost twelve months and a writers strike threatening to make it even longer, the last twenty hour-long episodes have arrived to complete the story. I watched the season opener last night, after it came down from the interwebs. After the high drama of the Season Three finale, I can only tell you than nothing slows down with the beginning of Season Four. The big questions which come from the opener, for me, are “who is the fifth, and exactly what did happen to Starbuck?”
For those who don’t know, the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica is nothing even remotely like the rather camp and undramatic original, which starred Lorne Greene, Dirk Benedict and Richard Hatch. Some vague hangovers exist, like the names of the characters and the basic plot line, but outside those thin remnants it’s a completely different story. There are plots within plots, tales within tales and threads which open with the closing of others. Like the J. Michael Straczynski Sci-Fi tale ‘Babylon 5’, the four seasons of Battlestar Galactica, once we see them all, will tell one long and contiguous story. It’s a unique way to spin a yarn, and can be confusing when something which happened several episodes back, or in some cases, a whole season ago, comes into play again. But it holds your interest, and doubtless makes for solid DVD sales.
In case you’d lost track of the months, and like me forgot what April promised, I thought I’d better give my fellow Aussie BSG fans a head’s up. The season one torrent is available from LinuxMafia_dot_net and doubtless a dozen other torrent sites by now. Get into it. You know very well that waiting for the backward free-to-air television channels in Oz won’t do the right thing.
So say we all!

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