Feb 242007

Bannerman was hugely amused to see Little Johnny Howler on this evenings news planting his hoof squarely in his gob by openly stating that he’s not a supporter of David Hicks. The truth, it’s said, will always out. This is the same man who pretends, for the sake of political expediency, that he’s concerned about the length of time taken to see Hicks face any form of justice. Not that the Bush administration sponsored military commission process is any form of justice. 

Bannerman notes the following statement from L.J.Howler in the linked article:

"It’s time, not so much the merits of the case that matter to me,"

Bingo! This simple statement indicates the realities behind the Howardian intent with regard to the Hicks issue. He’s scared shitless that his time will run out before Hicks is dealt with or released, one way or the other. 2007 is a federal election year in Oz. The latest date for the 2007 Federal election, in accordance with section 28 of the Australian constitution and the Commonwealth Electoral Act – 1918 is 19 January 2008. This date is the maximum time frame beyond the expiry date of the 41st Parliament, the current Parliament, which expires Thursday, 15 November 2007. Time, as Tolian Soran stated in ’Generations’, is the fire in which we burn. Right now, Little Johnny Howler’s time is running out and things aren’t looking politically favourable for him, federally, or electorally. The media punditry are touting statistics from several recent polls which are declaring that coalition conservatism is not only likely to fall in the coming ballot, but so is the seat of Bennelong.

Howard needs to get the Oz ballot out of the way before the U.S. circus gets a head of steam up. This is why he weighed into Barack Obama last week, much to his own detriment. Cast aspersions early and they just might come back on a favourable tide. Trouble is, what washed up on Johnny’s beach was akin to something a cetacean might shat out. Bannerman’s punt is that Australia will go to the polls sometime between June and September this year. Any earlier, and it might seem like jumping before things really go arse up. Any later, and there’s potential conflict of vested interests and any associated flak from the U.S. electoral circus.

Bannerman gets very excited during a federal election year.

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