Oct 282006

“It is a storm in a cup … no worries, mate, in Australian“

No one can sack me, says defiant Hilali | News | The Australian.

Why is the Australian media so het up over the purported – translated no less – statements by a cleric of a religious sect which is a minority in this country?

Look at this set of sub-articles in the Oz. Naturally, it’d have to be in the Oz, no other rag would bother.

 Each one a separate rant about the evils of Islam or a jibe at anti-conservative ideology which bears absolutely no relationship to the issue at hand, which happens to be an over-excited reaction to a translation of something a muslim said that makes good copy for a sensation-driven media machine. In fact, the entire issue is as the Sheik says. A storm in a tea cup. Still, the politics of fear and loathing abound these days. I note Howard out in the arena again, exhorting his public to be afraid. Pointing the finger of scorn at the muslim community for not castigating this man for casting aspersions against the flower of Australian femininity. Of course, that rhetoric only spurs on the responses, which then get batted back & forth by the media who just love making a meal out of these inconsequentialities.

Storm in a tea cup. I wrote it yesterday and I’ll reiterate it today. If the Sheik were a Baptist preacher spewing forth fire & brimstone on the subject of flirtatious female behaviour being directly related to rape and sexual harassment of women, he’d be laughed off as just another rabid nutbag. But, because he’s a muslim religious figure, he’s someone to be feared, despised and driven away, even by his own people. Take a cold shower, people. Gather just a little perspective, for fuck sake!

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