Nov 202007

This is bizarre. In fact, it goes way beyond bizarre to the extra-ordinarily unbelievable in my view.

Is this truly the state of play apropos federal election campaigning? Comparisons between the leaders of the two major parties breakfast habits? Is it really all that enlightening, let alone pertinent, that the electorate be treated to Kevin Rudd’s breakfast menu? Does John Howard indulge in sausages and bacon, and does he take tea or coffee? Surely these are just as pertinent among the plethora of cutting edge issues for the electorate to be considering, in conjunction with Kevin Rudd’s vegemite on toast & tea?
Honestly, my gob is well and truly smacked! Is award-winning journalist, Annabelle Crabbe, writing serious copy here or is this a very toungue-in-cheek jibe at the lunacy which surrounds campaign strategy & tactics? It has to be serious, I suppose, given the author, but does the electorate really care about the two men’s breakfast habits? I’ve been known to have toast & veggie with a cup of tea too! Does that make me leading edge political material? I think not. Maybe it’s the lack of orange juice? Is this why Howard is so far behind in the polls? We just don’t know what he has for brekkie because he hasn’t told us, but we do know he eats whatever it is, alone. There has to be some deep-seated psychological inference in that revelation, or rather, lack of one. KR’s told all, well, almost all. Does he consume his morning repast in company? Now that’s an important and clearly defining difference, to be certain.
Frankly, who gives a fundamental? It’s an even sadder reflection of the depths to which this negative campaigning will reach if what Crabbe writes as the almost-response from Coalition campaign heavies is anywhere close to reality. “Eating vegemite will damage this country’s economy. Rudd eats vegemite!” Give me strength! Saturday can’t come quickly enough.

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