Feb 062009

I have to relate something which really revolted me at the time, and has played on my mind ever since.

We’ve all heard the horror stories which become urban legends surrounding what happens in the kitchens of restaurants. Well, yesterday I witnessed one. My office is within a complex on Park Road at Milton here in Brisbane. Brisbanites will know all about Park Road, but for other readers, Park Road is a very clich√© eatery and coffee shop strip in between Milton Road, where the Castlemaine Perkins brewery is located, and Coronation Drive which borders the Brisbane River. It’s an ‘in’ place for finance brokers to consumer time and caffeine while touting their ignorance, and for bored housewives to hunt single self-funded early retirees while chinwagging with their girlfriends. Definitely a place to be seen for those who like to think they’re worth looking at. The pic above is a shot of the strip in question.
I’d decided around mid-afternoon that a call to the Gent’s was in order, so took off to the public facilities located in the rear of the complex. Upon entering the loo, it was immediately obvious that the occupant of the closed stall was ‘laying cable’. I fronted the urinal to do what I was there for, when the toilet in the closed cubical flushed and the door opened, the occupant literally bolting straight out of the Gent’s and back to work. I’d glanced to my right at the rather hurried departure, in time to catch the occupant exiting. He was dressed in the white double-breasted jacket and “salt-and-pepper” checked pants of a chef.
I didn’t catch the face but the man was most definitely a cook in one of the restaurants fronting the strip. He’d very obviously defecated, hopefully wiped his arse, and then failed to wash his hands as one would hope any person might, more especially someone preparing food which others will eat!! Words to the wise.
Unless you believe your constitution can cope with severe poisoning, or you simply enjoy pushing the odds at Roulette.

  2 Responses to “The Things You See”

  1. Hmmm, sounds very much like an entire Seinfeld episode when he wouldn’t eat Pappy’s pizza after seeing the same ting.

  2. Hmmm, sounds very much like an entire Seinfeld episode when he wouldn’t eat Pappy’s pizza after seeing the same ting.

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