Sep 232007

This is how the flawed Iraq Invasion will ultimately play out. Clearly, the world is being subjected to spin-cycle after spin-cycle over the supposed US advances in bringing American-style democracy to that shattered country, yet behind the scenes, it’s Iran and her influence in the region both politically, ideologically and religiously which holds sway.
America will eventually become a pariah, if she isn’t already in the Middle-East. An unwanted conqueror of Iraq too afraid to release the tail of the tiger, lest it whip around and bite her. Unless she pulls out and abides by regional and global concerns for peace and stability in the longer term, America risks placing herself at even greater risk of attack both at home and abroad.
The major question before the American voters is not which side of domestic politics is best for the American economy or business, but which side has the awareness of longer term global opinion in regard to America’s role as the sole remaining superpower and tacit global police force. Which side of American politics will have the gonads to withdraw from Iraq, withdraw from an untenable situation and one which simply won’t get any better than it is currently. If Iranian ideology and religious influence take precedence over those of the west, then so be it. If America loses whatever tenuous threat value it’s presence in Iraq has on Iran, then so be it.
In my view, the best defence America can mount of it’s own citizens and it’s place in the global community is withdrawal from the Middle-East entirely, introspection and consolidation at home.

  One Response to “The Way of the Future”

  1. Hilarious pseudo-analysis. You managed to hit all the standard talking points, and you managed to be not be long-winded either!
    We Americans are so terribly concerned about what you think of us… really we’re sitting over here trembling every day in fear of how much we’re disliked. Oh, wait, we don’t care about your opinion. You never cared about ours.

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