Oct 082009

Thursday, race week, first & second practice sessions underway.

I’m watching the live timing of both sessions and some surprising numbers are coming up. Normally, practice is just that. Refamiliarisation of drivers with a track they only see once a year, ‘roading’ of tyres and brake pads and general car setting up. Clearly, Team BOC believe they have a package right from the box, with Jason Richards being the quickest in the first session with a high 2:08 and thus far – 47 minutes into a 50 minute session – Jamie Whincup is quickest with a 2:07.3745. That is an incredibly fast time for a practice session around Mt Panorama, especially considering the practice record held by Greg Murphy is 2:06.8594. Looks to me as if a certain Commodore team has their eyes on a top three finish, and a certain Ford team is after #4 trophy with an “Up Yours” to the manufacturer in their last year at the Mountain in their product.
I have feelings of dread for said Commodore team. Something always goes awry for Brad Jones. Here’s hoping that monkey is sitting elsewhere this year.

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