Jun 262009

Deaths in the media this morning. Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett and an un-named truck driver simply doing his job late at night. Jackson and Fawcett take masthead space across the major dailies. Tributes flow, the usual eulogies extolling virtues and ignoring flaws are available for all to read. What of the un-named TNT driver? Plugged by a stray bullet from what is assumed to have been a confrontation between criminal elements in a KFC carpark adjacent to the road upon which the B-Double truck was passing. Apparently death was instant, the truck simply stopped, which is in itself remarkable, but does the man’s passing rate at all?
Who was he? Does anyone care? What were his contributions to the world at large? Meanwhile the world mourns the passing of a paranoid, perverted pop-star and a small town Hollywood wanna-be. We’re a sorry society when all’s said and done.

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