Dec 042007

If Jennifer Love-Hewitt is deemed by certain papparazzi and so-called fashion sites to be less than a shining example of womanhood then might I simply offer right here and now that I wish every single woman looked like she does.


On a serious note, feminine body image is not well portrayed by fashion designers and those who flaunt their wares on the international catwalks have much to answer for. Waif-thin models with fried-egg breasts, boyish hips and legs which look like toothpicks in heels are not attractive to your average male and isn’t that why women like to look good? To attract their preferred male? Sure, women dress to impress other women, certainly not to impress men. As a male, I can categorically state that while I really enjoy watching a well dressed woman walk on by, I’m actually admiring how her body compliments the clothing, not the other way around.
No one woman, celebrity or not, has the perfect body. As human beings none of us are made that way, and neither we ought to be. Vive la difference and let’s promote variations, but please, please……..don’t go deploring someone’s body image simply because he or she doesn’t match up to the fashionista’s propagandised perception of what everyday feminity ought to be.
As an aside, I note none of the sites berating JLH on her cellulite thighs and love-handles says anything at all about her fiance’s lack of six-pack abs and muffin-top middle. Hypocritical? Extremely so, in my view.

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