Mar 272008

Devoted cyclopian conservative Journalist, Piers Akerman, exercises his raison d’être in today’s DT ‘blog’ post

French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, has claimed he will boycott the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony in protest at China’s repression of Tibetans in their ongoing bid for independence. That’s up to France, I’d say, and good on him for doing so. According to Akerman, Kevin Rudd ought to be doing just the same, or even better.
This is among the most stupid and foolish of statements by Akerman. Not even his known predilection for all things conservative excuses this blatant “I’m-anti-Labor-because-I-am” stance on this issue. Akerman even states that not all nations, especially the British and Americans, have shied away from boycotting the opening ceremony, or making overt statements decrying China’s actions last week in Lhasa. One would think, conservatism being what it is, that because America hasn’t said or done anything, then neither ought Australia, but no. Akerman says we should be following the lead of France. Heavens…..we’ll be labelled ‘cheese-eating surrender monkeys’ next!
Akerman chooses not to acknowledge that Australia’s economic survival in what has every appearance of being a global downturn, depends on maintaining out trade relationship with China. As does America’s and much of Europe’s. We may not like the way China conducts herself on the global stage when it comes to human rights issues, but we do have to accept that she will do what she will do as a sovereign nation in her own right. Diplomatic means are the avenue to show our displeasure. Cutting off our trade nose to spite our human rights sensitivities face would seem to me to be foolish in current economic times. RBA governor, Glenn Stevens thinks likewise in regard to China’s rise as a major economic power.

all the indications are that the rise of China is not just a cyclical event, but a structural change of the first order. China certainly has a business cycle, like all other economies, and will slow at some point. Even so, it is highly likely that, short of some catastrophic event, China has many years of strong growth still ahead. It will not be at the 11 per cent per annum pace of the past couple of years, and there will be periods of weakness and instability. But the rise of China is not a flash in the pan of economic history.

Like it or not, our economic stability is tied to China’s growth and success. Much more so that Japan or India, which Akerman damns Rudd for not visiting on his so-called ‘global tour’. Probably the most hypocritical part of Akerman’s tirade is the human rights issue itself. Here’s a man who is claiming Australia, under Labor, ought to do more about protesting in favour of the human rights of the citizens in a far flung, repressed nation, yet he was perfectly comfortable with the denigration of the human rights of an Australian citizen at the hands of a supposed ally, while Australia languished under conservatism. This man calls himself a journalist??!!!?

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