Sep 072009

For once, I am in total agreement with The Australian editor, Chris Mitchell. Unless and until public sector whistleblowers, just like Allan Kessing who saw wrongs and attempted to do something about them, are protected and encouraged to spill the beans on illegal and improper goings on, inertia will continue to hold sway in the policing of public policy.

Allan Kessing has told me in exquisite detail over several emails exactly what happened with his reports, and how those reports were stifled by those with vested interests in the operations of Sydney Airport Corporation. I still retain those emails, and feel deeply for the injustices visited upon Mr Kessing by a system which actively discourages honesty from within.

The Rudd Labor Government has an obligation to follow up on today’s revelations, which I feel have been too long in coming. Mr Kessing’s legal advice to date has been flawed, it’s clear that vested interests at higher business and political altitudes held more sway than justice should have allowed, and as for Anthony Albanese….he most certainly has a case to answer. As to Robert McClelland’s dismissive claim that, "The ALP is not the government of the Commonwealth of Australia," the man is now equally guilty of fostering injustice. In this country, where effectively we have a two-party electoral system, the party in power IS THE GOVERNMENT. There can be no escaping this fact. The sooner a thorough-going inquiry is formulated, the more likely honest people will receive the protection they are entitled to in ratting on those guilty of transgressions against the general public.


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