Jan 122007

“The Western people are the biggest liars and oppressors and especially the English race,” the Mufti of Australia said in Arabic during the extensive interview in Eqypt, his birthplace. “The Anglo-Saxons who arrived in Australia arrived in shackles. We paid for passports from our own pockets. We have a right in Australia more than they have.”


Bannerman gave this dill the benefit of the doubt over his ‘plates of meat’ gaff. Statements like that above are quite simply the ravings of an ill-informed, arrogant, religious elitist who garners a dangerous following with his idiotic statements. There can be no claims of being taken out of context this time around, given the Imam was speaking in Arabic, to an Arabic speaking audience, in an Arabic speaking country. In fact, his country of birth. No, Bannerman believes the Sheik knew precisely what he was saying, despite the ludicrous nature of the statements.

This man cannot be permitted by his community to continue to inflame perceived cultural differences between his muslim community and the rest of Australia. If Muslims wish to be considered as Australians, wish to be considered as a part of Australia, it’s culture and its people, then this moronic religious nutbag must be disavowed and cast off as representative of the Islamic community. He is not worthy of that community, and most definitely is not acceptable as an Aussie.

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