Jan 182007

The Federal Opposition is calling on the Government to take action against a Sydney cleric for encouraging Muslim children to die as martyrs. The head of the Global Islam Youth Centre, Sheikh Feiz Mohammed, also referred to Jewish people as pigs in a video of one his lectures.

ABC News.

Good call by Kevin Rudd on this one, and not simply from the point of view of fingering yet another muslim nutjob. This is sound politics and catches Little Johnny Howler napping in Broome while Australian society burns with disdain. First couple, indeed. It’s enough to make Bannerman chunder. Sprung while taking advantage of the taxpayer’s purse, he now decides after the fact that he’ll cough up. But wait. He will still continue on to Brisbane on a VIP flight. This surely means one of two things. Either a RAAF Boeing BBJ is sitting on the tarmac at Broome, under guard, with it’s crew also enjoying a junket at Cable Beach, or LJH sent his original ride home and will call on another BBJ to come pick him up!!! Bannerman reckons the cost of two – undoubtedly economy – fares to Brisbane is a bloody cheap way out for this weasel! Clearly, this gobjob thinks the Aussie electorate is as dumb as Dolly.

It’s time, Australia. Time to line up these drains on Australian society. These moralistic drones, terrorist inciters, seditionists, highway robbers and conmen masquerading as elected representatives. It’s also time to line up Keysar Trad and his Islamic cleric mates. It’s bad enough being stuck with a mob of cheats and liars sucking off the public pocket, but to have to suffer the indignity of the world knowing we’re harbouring some of the biggest fuckwits Islam has ever spawned is just too much!!

Bannerman says pack ‘em all up & deep six the lot! Roll on election 2007 and the next revolution!

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