Sep 202007

Yet again, we are treated to more absolutely horrifying statistics surrounding the Prime Ministerial largesse.

I’ve covered this issue previously, and my opinion remains unchanged. It’s important that the nation’s leader and attendant entourage are transported point-to-point in as quick and efficient a manner as possible when travelling on official Australian government business. However, it is my opinion, standing lease costs and maintenance not withstanding, that what amounts to commuting to and from work in the VIP fleet aircraft goes beyond the pale. A Boeing BBJ may be considered a personal means of transport for corporate high-flyers (no pun intended), rich rock-stars and oil sheiks, especially when such personalities own the aircraft in question. However, I draw the line at any public servant, PM or not, availing of what amounts to my aircraft for commuting. When I commute, I do so either via personally owned private means or publically-owned transport infra-structure, for which I pay a cost per trip. Between Sydney & Canberra, I would expect a similar ethos to apply to our public servants as well.
As I noted in my previous post, QANTAS runs a perfectly good shuttle service between Sydney & the nation’s capital, seven days a week.

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