Feb 112007
Your either rat on the ally or you accept your orders and do as you’re told
You either Rat or you Nark

"You either go or you stay, you either rat on the ally or you stay with the ally," – John Winston Howard

"It depends where we are on the rotation cycle and they are normally of a six-month duration, and it depends also on the detail of those consultations with the Americans," – Kevin Michael Rudd, in response to Howard’s foamy-mouthed outrage at US Presidential candidate, Barack Obama’s statement that he would withdraw US troops from Iraq in early 2008, if he is successful at the polls.

In the Bannerman’s parlance, to rat on someone is to give them up to relevant authorities for alleged wrong-doings. This is borne out by the Urban Dictionary:

RAT – someone who snitches on others. tattletale, snitch.

If Little Johnny Howler wants to be a nark, he ought to at the least get his colloquialisms in a row.

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