Dec 162006

The original invasion, disregarding the decisions of June 2002 by the Whitehouse, to invade Iraq in March 2003 now seem so much grist to the mill if Nuri al-Maliki is going to invite all former Iraqi army members/participants to reapply for their former positions.

 In yet another twist of the Iraqi tale, offering the enemy their old jobs back seems like so much acceptance that things just aren’t hunky-dory in the fertile crescent. Bannerman can’t help but feel that three and-a-half years after the fact, this is a tacit acceptance by the United States and its ‘friends’ that success in Iraq in military terms, just doesn’t exist. They say that all things come to those who wait. Bannerman supposes that in general terms, civilian and military lives sacrificed on the alter of western capitalistic arrogance not withstanding, three-and-a-half years isn’t all that long.

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