Apr 102008

Katie Richardson as Miss World Australia
Not my cup o’ tea. I’d be more inclined towards Kaela Louisa Scott…
SShot_%202008-04-10%2009.46001.gif SShot_%202008-04-10%2009.46002.gif SShot_%202008-04-10%2009.47003.gif
… even if she does have thick ankles.
Misogynistic? Sexist? Innately male? Not at all. I just know what I like in a female body.

  One Response to “Too Skinny For Mine”

  1. Appreciative also. I’m quite taken by a Bonds underwear ad with lots of young women dancing to various rhythms in Bonds products. Healthy looking bodies, no leering crotch or boob shots, just a very pleasant interlude. Vive la difference

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